Paul Harris Fellows

 Paul P Harris – 1868 – 1947



A Paul Harris Fellow of The Rotary Foundation is described as anyone who contributes – or in whose name is contributed – a gift of US$1,000 or more to the Annual Programs Fund. Each new Paul Harris Fellow receives a commemorative certificate, a Paul Harris Fellow pin, and a medallion. Donors are eligible for Paul Harris Fellow recognition when their cumulative giving reaches US$1,000.

The Rotary Club of Port of Townsville, on occasion, recognizes people, Club members and members of the public, who have upheld Rotary’s official motto of “Service Above Self” by making a contribution in their name.

Date   Name    
1980 January Percy Tucker    
1984 April Merv Short    
1985 January Kevin Handy    
  March Kirk Rains    
1986 March Douglas Hannah    
  March John Howden    
1987 March Merv Short * Sapphire x 2  
  March * Robin Blyth    
  March * George Mansford    
  April Lionel French    
  May Colin Gibson    
1988 April Norman Scott-Young    
1989 May Kevin Schrieber    
  November Colin Chapman    
  November Victor Donnellan    
  November John Doyle    
  November Neil Harbison    
1993 June Ronald West    
1994 May Aubrey Eggins    
  December Olive Paull    
1995 June Roland Casley    
1996 May Trevor Baxter    
  May Alfred Tickle    
1997 July Jeff Ironside    
  October Colin Gibson Sapphire  
1998 June Ernie Landy    
  June Robin Blyth Sapphire  
1999 June Harry Townley    
2000 May Ronald Bourke    
  June Phillip McIntyre    
  June Ronald West Sapphire  
2001 June Jackie Braddick    
  June Rod Short    
  June Kevin Schreiber Sapphire  
2002 June Leigh Kennedy  


2003 June Helen Grace Brayne  


  June John McMillan  


2004 June Joan West  


2007 June Rod Short Sapphire


  June Tony Mooney  


2008 June Ian Griffith    
    Vic Bayer    
    Jannah Brown    
2009 June Chris O’Brien    
    Judy Nelson    
2011 June Beth Herron    
    Neville Brown    
2012 April Les Tyrell    
    Pat Tyrell